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Why CatGenie?

It acts like a cat box, cleans like an appliance and flushes like a toilet - Best of all it's litter free.

The CatGenie is a cat friendly, full-size automatic cat Box that uses litter like permanent Washable Granules (TM) unlike disposable cat litter CatGenie Washable Granules never need changing and are 100% dust free, biodegradable and septic safe.

When kitty goes liquids drain through the non-absorbing Washable Granules. CatGenie removes and liquefies the solids for safe and easy disposal down drain or toilet.

Flushes cat waste out of your home for good.

All it takes is a touch to start the magic.

You have your choice of three options to start the cleaning.
1) Preset it to run automatically up to 4 times daily.
2) Press the start button whenever you wish, or
3) Set on cat activation.

How CatGenie fits into your life

It acts like a cat box, cleans like an appliance

It does so much; you do so little. Set-up of the CatGenie is about as simple as attaching a garden hose to a spigot- if you can do that you can set-up a CatGenie. It’s a one time, easy DIY connection to a cold water line using the supplied t-adapter. Plug into 120 V electrical outlet and hang the drain hose on the side of your toilet or in the waste drain you have in the laundry room for your washing machine.






Cat Litter should be against the law

The CatGenie is the antithesis of all litter boxes, whether automatic Boxes or human scoopers. Litter boxes use cat litter. 

Cat litter...

1) is strip-mined and needs 2000 degrees of heat to process.
2) uses more energy and more money for transporting than it's worth.
3) pollutes landfills with 8 billion, non-biodegradable lbs. a year. In one year, with two cats, you buy, carry and throw away about 336 lbs. of litter.

In one year with two cats, you buy, carry and throw away about 336 pounds of cat litter. See more shocking litter facts 

You ask: Why CatGenie?

Ask: Why Not?

Stop buying and carrying hundreds of pounds of litter.  

Just purchase a few cartridges of SaniSolution a year.

Stop breathing germ filled smelly dust particles.

Help save the planet and stop littering!

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